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Roast profiles are available for download. See Roast profiles, below.

Our support desk can be contacted by email: [email protected], or join our community forum, where you can also make comments and ask questions.


  1. Instruction booklet - instructions on how to operate the Kaffelogic Nano 7
  2. new.png Core Profile Guide and Map 
  3. The Kaffelogic Roaster's Companion - read this if you want to develop your own roasting profiles - it has been updated for Studio ver 4.0.4
  4. Roast record sheet - record your tasting notes 'offline'
  5. Roast labels - label each batch and keep track of what you roasted when

Software: Kaffelogic Studio ver 4.1.2 

released 3 June 2020

Kaffelogic Studio is used for viewing logs and designing profiles. Update to the new version: simply download and install the new version over the older version. Read the release notes to see what's changed. The update from ver 4.0 to 4.1 supports new firmware features in firmware version 7.4.5 (three zones and power profiling), has a number of usability improvements, and fixes a couple of import/export issues with Sonofresco and Cropster file formats. 

  • Macintosh version: It's not in the App Store at this time, so you will need to follow these instruction from Apple when you install it.
    Download Mac version 4.1.2 (Mac version designed for Kaffelogic Nano firmware version
  • Windows version: This software is digitally signed by Kaffelogic Ltd. Windows may warn you that it is an unrecognised app: choose More info and Open anyway. The important thing is to check that the software is showing 'Verified publisher: Kaffelogic Ltd' before you install it. 
    Download Windows version 4.1.2 (Windows version designed for Kaffelogic Nano firmware version
  • Linux version: built on Ubuntu 18. Mileage may vary with other versions of Linux. See our linux page for instructions and downloads.

If you are interested in installing Kaffelogic Studio and trying it out before purchasing a roaster, you are welcome to go ahead and install the software. Here is an example of a log file for you to look at.

Firmware update: ver 7.4.5   

released 3 June 2020

Your roaster will continue to work safely whether or not you update the firmware, but we recommend updating to the new version to get the latest features. Version 7.4.5 has a new extended cooldown that is particularly recommended for back-to-back roasts. This is designed to let you roast consecutive batches without having to wait in between. 

  1. Download the update to a memory stick. 
    • Launch Kaffelogic Studio and select the 'View memory stick' tool and the 'Firmware' tab. This lets you download and save the update file with a single click.
    • Alternatively, download this file Firmware version, make a folder named kaffelogic with a subfolder named firmware on a memory stick, and copy the firmware update file to that subfolder.
  2. Put the memory stick in the roaster.
  3. Hold  ▶ down while you turn the power switch on and the firmware will update off the memory stick.

Read the release notes for more information.

Roast profiles

The Nano 7 comes pre-loaded with a default profile called "K-logic classic." This profile makes a fantastic job of most coffee varieties at a medium roast. Experiment to see which level of roast you prefer.

The core profiles are a set of 12 profiles that allow you to fine tune your roast profile to your coffee and your tastes. You can read about and download them on our community forum. There is a guide and map on the forum post, and this is required reading for using the core profiles. The core profiles can also be downloaded as a zip file. If you download the zip, you will need to copy the 12 profile files into the /kaffelogic/roast-profiles folder on your memory stick.

More roast profiles are available from our community forum.

Once you have found a profile on the forum, download it and open it with Kaffelogic Studio. Put a USB memory stick in and click "Save to USB".

After you have saved a profile on your memory stick, put the memory stick into the roaster and press the 'profile' button. This will let you load the new profile into the machine. Adjust the level, and you are ready to roast.

This interactive coffee taster's flavour wheel is a useful resource for those of you who are developing profiles.